First Love

First Love

A Standalone Second Chance Romance

They say you'll never forget your first love, and that's definitely true in my case.

I think that’s because he was my first everything. My first crush, my first kiss, my first… home run. 

Unfortunately, the only predictable thing about our relationship was that we never seemed to have enough time together. 

On the one hand, that was a blessing. It meant I never had to deal with the pain of watching the spark between us fizzle as we grew up and grew apart. 

Then again, maybe it wouldn’t have. Maybe it would’ve ignited further and turned into something… more. 

Not that it mattered. The past was the past, and I needed to put my teenage daydreams behind me. 

After all, so many years had gone by since I’d seen my perfect summer crush that he'd become nothing but a string of scattered, faded flashbacks that seemed too good to be true and too old to keep on such a dusty pedestal.

Of course, as soon as I was ready to forgive and forget, he walked back into my life out of the blue- sexier, bolder, and more unattainable than ever. 

If only I knew whether he planned to stay.

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