Exposed Series

The Exposed Series

*This gritty coming of age story is about surviving the darkness inside us. 

There are two things that even the luckiest of us have to do. We have to grow up, and we have to die.

Kate is a senior in high school. She is beautiful, smart, and the second highest point scorer on the lacrosse team.

She also drinks too much- mostly to distract herself from her eating disorder, how much she hates her Mom, and the fact that she can’t stop hooking up with the wrong guy.

Dawn is a young forty something who neither looks nor feels her age. She is a sexy, liberated professional who has always lived by her own rules.

Unfortunately, her insistence on personal freedom has left her with a few regrets, one of which is the fact that she is estranged from her family. But she doesn't worry about it much- until she finds out that she doesn’t have another forty years to make amends. The doctor says she’ll be lucky if she lives another six months.

Both of these women are dying inside a little bit every day.

Until fate brings them together.

This contemporary women's fiction series follows the intimate journey of two people searching for hope, love, and family.

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